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SATURDAY  9/28/19 @ 9:00am



Packet pickup day of race @ 8:00 AM

Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing before August 1st!


- 50k : $65.00   [ 3900FT Vert ]

25k : $55.00   [ 1950FT Vert ]

12k : $45.00   [ 930FT  Vert ]

*Registration includes park and causeway pass


Race Day Instructions

  • Packet pickup starts @ 8:00 A.M.

  • Race starts @ 9:00 A.M. All categories and distances will need to be ready to ride at this time. Starts will be staggered

  • Parking is in the White Rock Bay parking area (Follow arrow signs once on island)

  • Please be prepared for spring weather (as weather can change suddenly).

  • Bring your own tools and tubes for potential mechanicals (no in-race support).

  • Water and VFuel endurance gels will be available at start and midway aid station.

  • 50kers have the option for a drop bag at the start aid station / half way point.

  • Bathrooms will not be provided on the course. Bathroom facility is at the parking area.

For park information, hours, and address please click here.

RACE Rules

  1. All riders must wear a helmet.

  2. No earphones, headphones, or portable music devices (MP3 players, iPods etc.) are allowed on the course.

  3. Human powered bikes only. No electric or motorized bikes. 

  4. All riders must submit a signed waiver before participating,

  5. Always use trail etiquette and be courteous to other users and participants. Trails will still be opened to the public during the event. 

  6. Do not impede traffic. If someone is nipping at your heels and you can't shake them off your back tire, don't be that person who doesn't move over. Move to the right as to make it easier for them to pass.

  7. Make sure to pass other cyclists on the left and verbally alert them that you're doing so. Ex. (coming on the left). 

  8. Do not ride off the designated trails. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

  9. No animals allowed.

  10. Do not harm wildlife. Use caution around buffalo.

  11. Carry the right gear. Be ready to take care of mechanicals while out on the course. We suggest you carry at least the following equipment: multi tool (with chain break), quick links, spare tube/tire, patch kit, pump, and CO2 cartridge(s).

  12. In the event of a mechanical or if you need to stop, move off to the side of the trail.

  13. Dress for the weather and be prepared for unexpected changes (rain, wind, and cold).

  14. Carry the proper food and water to keep your body fueled 

  15. Ride hard, push yourself, and make it a race to remember.